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Zoomies is a Speed Dial to your remote meetings. It connects with your work and personal calendars and allows you to join your meetings from one-place with one-click. There are quick links to setup new meetings too and view details of upcoming meetings. The latest version supports Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Hangouts, WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting, AWS Chime and Jio Meet. You can now also integrate your brand with Zoomies for Business. Visit https://www.zoomiesoncall.xyz/business for more information. Early Motivation - In the time of the pandemic, as schools went online, I saw my little niece struggling to find the Zoom link to her online classroom. She was certainly not able to tune-in to this change. I realized how e-learning must have been a challenge for the teachers and students w.r.t. technology and access. I decided to simplify the accessibility to online lectures by developing a speed dialer to remote meetings. Generally speaking, video conferencing has become the darling of remote workers during the COVID-19 crisis. From workplace collaboration to yoga classes, weddings, graduations, etc. the world has adopted this medium as a way to connect. Zoomies helps managing an overwhelming number of meetings by providing a simple-to-use speed-dial to quickly connect to your meetings.