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If I’m looking for inspiration for DESIGN, my first reflex is to go on If I’m looking for inspiration for a WORKSHOP, now, my reflex is to go on Boardle. . That's why we built Boardle. Convinced that Miro, Mural, Klaxoon, Figma, Metro retro, Draft and Milanote make us more efficient than ever, we are working side by side with them to help you to run the best digital remote meetings you’ve ever runned. Boardle is for Product manager, UX designer, UX researcher, Sprint master, Product Owner, Scrum master, ... We help you find the best workshop to work better together remotely! As remote meetings are currently increasing, people are looking for new online workshop animation ideas We’ve had the idea to create a tool to help facilitators to: - Get inspired by other talented facilitators: you will find more than 200 templates in our digital library - Promote your facilitator’s skills and portfolio: Create your profile and promote your workshop and gain new clients - Meet and discuss with other facilitators: get feedback and improve your work continuously This is the first version of Boardle. Some updates will come soon. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Thanks!