Quarate features the best online tools, resources, and the latest trends in the startup world. You will find inspiration for making your community exciting. We share an ever-evolving library of 200+ tools, a curated list of Twitter profiles, and a bi-weekly digest from founders and co-founders who are building and making an impact.
How it can help you
We want you to create the most meaningful experience, Let's start has it all:
  • Discover the best tool for your next side hustle
  • Connect with the best founders out there
  • Read the latest trends every two week
Who is it for
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For the problem-solvers, who create reusable solutions.
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Digital nomads

For those, who tame the words for us.
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For all of us, who master the chaos of knowledge.
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For the people, who deliver elegant usability.
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Indie hackers

For those, who dare to change the world for us.
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For You and your story. Whoever you are. Whatever your story.
Behind Quarate
Hey there! My name is Kevin. I am the founder of Quarate. I am a product nerd and love to build products. #letsstart
I created Quarate because I was inspired by the hustle and creativity of all the founders, Indie hackers on Twitter and wanted to spread the inspiration to more people. This is a side project built with #nocode tool and I am enjoying every moment of building this for you 🙂
Connect with me via Twitter. LinkedIn or email.

Discover tools, best twitter profiles to follow & latest trends.
Made with 💜- by Kevin Anthony
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